Case Studies

Nick Morris

A wedding makeover

Everyone wants to look their best on their big day, and Nick Morris was no exception. With his wedding fast approaching, Nick came to us to discuss concerns about his smile.

Nick had sustained broken teeth in a sporting accident when he was young and wanted to find out how his smile could be improved. He was immediately put at ease during his consultation with Dr Richard Denny and a treatment plan was formulated. Richard suggested a combination of veneers, white composite fillings and tooth whitening and Nick was happy to go ahead.

Treatment commenced, and Richard used in-house CEREC technology to build Nick’s veneers in just one day. This meant that Nick could literally watch his veneers being built, with no need to wait for impressions or go away with uncomfortable, temporary crowns.

The next stage of treatment was replacing Nick’s ugly, old-fashioned mercury fillings with white composite fillings. Finally, Nick’s teeth were polished using AirFlow technology and whitened for a sparkling smile.

Nick was delighted with the treatment and got married to Emma in May 2012. As you can see from the photos, he looked amazing!

Honesty Dental Care offers a range of cosmetic treatments, including tooth whitening, replacement of ugly metal with composite white fillings, invisible orthodontics, veneers and crowns. AirFlow stain removal at just £60 is often all that’s needed to freshen up a smile.

We are currently offering a free consultation for a smile makeover. If you want to be camera ready on your wedding day, call 01274 533933 now to book.

Geoff Purves

Ten years younger!

Geoff had a range of existing fillings and crowns which were not in good condition. There were also a number of gaps in his teeth where extractions had been made.

Richard established that the bite of Geoff’s teeth was unusual in that the lower set overlapped the upper set, which was the way the jawline and teeth had developed. Richard felt that the condition of Geoff’s teeth would deteriorate further with potentially significant problems into old age unless significant work was undertaken, including finding a way of adjusting Geoff’s bite.

A detailed treatment plan was agreed, which included bridges, crowns and veneers, root treatments and fillings, as well as a proposal to enable the upper set of teeth to overlap the lower set.

The treatment was carried out over seven months and resulted in the complete transformation of Geoff’s teeth. As well as improving the cosmetic appearance, treatment also gave Geoff a wider range of functional teeth.

Geoff said: “The treatment I received was first class with meticulous attention to detail to ensure every aspect was successful. I feel this has been a very worthwhile investment towards my future health and wellbeing, particularly as I get older. The bonus is (I am told), I look ten years younger!”

Helen Beaton

Afraid of the dentist

When Helen first contacted us, it’s fair to say she was absolutely terrified. For many years she had suffered from an acute phobia of the dentist. Despite this, she really wanted to improve the appearance of her upper teeth, so she overcame her anxieties and booked in for a consultation with Richard Denny.

Helen said: “On my first visit I was extremely nervous, but I didn’t need to be as Elaine immediately put me at ease – in fact the whole team at Honesty have been absolutely wonderful. Richard spent a lot of time speaking to me about my concerns and when work began he talked me through each step, making sure I was okay.”

Richard used crowns and bridges to repair Helen’s broken teeth and she was delighted to show off her new smile at a family party the following week. She said: “I’m extremely happy with the result and now I can smile again with confidence. Richard and his team gave me exactly what I was looking for. Absolutely fantastic!”

Anna Broadbent

Uncomfortable dentures

Anna had been suffering from ill-fitting dentures which were heavily worn and uncomfortable. She simply wanted the confidence to smile again, and Stephen was happy to help.

A new set of upper and lower dentures were created, allowing the great results you see in the photos.

Anna was really happy: “I am absolutely delighted with my new dentures. It was a stress-free process which resulted in a set of dentures that are a perfect fit, comfortable and have given me the confidence to smile again.”

Miss C

Uneven gum line

Although Miss C had a great smile, she was concerned about her uneven gum line.

We pride ourselves on the high-tech equipment we have available in our clinic, and on this occasion we used the MD Waterlase laser to contour Miss C’s gums. This took less than an hour to complete and enhanced Miss C’s already beautiful smile.

Miss C said: “I was referred to Honesty by my dentist for laser gum contouring treatment, as my front tooth appeared to stick out at the front. I was greeted with a warm welcome from the staff and was over the moon when I was told that the appearance could be improved so easily. It is unbelievable how straight my teeth now look – I really did not expect the results we got! I now feel much more confident when I smile.”

Miss W

Uneven teeth and overcrowding

Miss W was referred to us by a neighbouring practice for orthodontic treatment. After discussing her concerns with our orthodontic specialist, Dr Stephen Duffy, she was prescribed upper and lower fixed braces which she wore for 15 months.

Miss W said: “My initial problem was uneven teeth and overcrowding. Dr Duffy dealt with my problem in a very effective and efficient manner. I am extremely pleased with the outcome – my teeth are now perfect!”

Mrs R

High-tech Edelweiss veneers

Mrs R was bothered by the uneven appearance of her upper front teeth. Luckily, she was a perfect candidate for a high-tech treatment called Edelweiss veneers. This is a brand-new and innovative technology from Austria which is giving great results.

Amazingly, we were able to change the appearance of Mrs R’s teeth in just 3 hours. She was understandably delighted: “The results of my veneers have given me a new smile and loads more confidence. I would highly recommend Honesty Dental Care to anyone.”

Shaun Wood

Full mouth reconstruction with CEREC

In this complex case, we used CEREC technology to fully reconstruct Shaun’s mouth.

The problems were both function and aesthetics, so after careful planning we were able to modify Shaun’s bite and also improve the appearance of his smile.

We completed all work in-house using CEREC technology, which allowed us to reduce discomfort and inconvenience for Shaun.

This case is not yet complete and we are currently exploring the possibility of implants to fill the large space in the lower arch, which would be an ideal end to this complex case.

Mrs R

Worn teeth and painful dentures

Mrs R came to see us with a number of problems. She had generally worn and deteriorating teeth, as well as an ill-fitting plate which had caused two root abcesses on her front teeth. She had two root exposures which were holding a loose bridge of three teeth. Her denture was so painful that she had to remove it when eating.

Stephen discussed all the options with Mrs R and established that she was keen to avoid dentures. Together, they decided that the best solution was to construct a coping retained bridge.

Mrs R found the process painless: “The team dealt with my concerns in a brilliant, friendly and helpful manner. Instructive varying advice was offered and meticulous attention to detail was carried out at each appointment. All members of staff and the technician are very friendly and helpful.”

Mrs R was absolutely delighted with the results: “Superb – the total upper bridge fits perfectly and I can now smile again with confidence. I am very grateful to all concerned.”

Mrs H

Full mouth reconstruction

This young lady had numerous issues, including a large number of failing fillings which she felt were aesthetically unacceptable and had been concerned about for some time.

After discussion with Mrs H, we decided that a full mouth reconstruction would be the best approach.

The teeth in the upper arch were restored using CAD/CAM technology and Emax ceramics, whilst the lower arch was restored with sonicfill composite.

Mrs H was thrilled with the outcome: “Having always been self conscious about my less than perfect teeth, I finally decided to do something about it. I chose Honesty as they stood out from the others due to their ethos.”

She continued: “It’s fair to say I had reservations about such a lot of work but I was immediately put at ease by their people-orientated approach.”

“Before and throughout my treatment program I felt I was fully informed and indeed involved in the decision-making process for my treatment and I am very, very happy with the results!”

David Bottomley

A phobia of dentists

David had badly broken down teeth, in part due to a phobia of dentists.

Stephen discussed all the possible options and the end result was achieved through a combination of restorations, immediate dentures and extractions. David’s fear of the dentist has subsided and he is awaiting his final set of dentures in the new year.

David said: “Some time ago I had a bad experience with a dentist. A friend of mine visited Honesty and it changed his perception of dentists. From my first visit I was made to feel welcome. I explained my fears and was immediately put at ease. Stephen worked out a plan, explaining every stage and stopping if I felt apprehensive – he was so understanding. I could not have wished for more and my only regret is I didn’t find Honesty sooner!”

David continued: “You have restored my smile, given me back my confidence and my life. The bonus is my grandchildren think I look great when I smile. Thank you Stephen and all the staff at Honesty.”

Tracy Robinson

An anxious patient with broken teeth

Tracy first attended as an extremely anxious patient. She was struggling with a partial denture and a couple of broken teeth. She was keen to improve the appearance of her upper anterior teeth.

Having discussed many options, it was decided to construct a Precision Milled Cobolt chrome partial denture. This would provide Tracey with a retentive and good looking solution.

Tracy said: “Honesty Dental Care staff transformed me from a nervous, scared and blubbering wreck, who would never have any dentistry without full sedation, into a confident, relaxed person who has no hesitation in attending the practice.”

She added: “I would strongly recommend Honesty Dental Practice to everyone. They are exceptionally professional and I am now a person who cannot stop smiling.”