We’re committed to your long term dental care. We’ll create a comprehensive dental care programme that’s personal to you. Not only will this highlight immediate issues, but also future ones. On joining, you’ll also get to enjoy our complementary facilities in a peaceful and tranquil environment prior to each appointment. Here you’ll receive a careful and thorough assessment of your teeth, gums and all other soft tissues and we offer oral cancer screening as standard.

So that you’ll be able to see exactly what we can see and understand the treatment as it happens, we have intra-oral cameras fitted in each room. We find it really helps some people – particularly if they’re a little nervous.

Digital radiographs are not just quicker than the old ones; they’re infinitely more comfortable with low radiation. Here you’ll have a small sensor inserted in your mouth and the images instantly pop up on a computer screen in your room. These immediate digital images look similar to traditional X-rays, but can be enlarged and manipulated, giving our dentists a better feel for what’s going on inside your mouth and you a better understanding of your future treatment.