IV sedation


Nobody likes visiting the dentist. But for some people, the problem runs deeper and becomes a phobia. We can now offer dental sedation for anxious patients in Baildon, Shipley and across West Yorkshire.

The causes of dental phobia can vary. Sometimes, patients choose to ignore it and visit the dentist less and less. In many cases the sights, sounds and smells of the dental practice prove to be powerful environment triggers. Here at Honesty, we make sure our reception area gives a relaxed ambience, with scented candles burning and helpful, friendly receptionists.

For many patients the secret to managing their dental fear or phobia is as simple as finding a dentist that they feel comfortable with and have complete trust in. Our dentists, Richard and Stephen Denny and Shubham Mittal, are all well trained to support patients suffering from stress, anxiety or fear, whether that involves consultation, communication, distraction or behaviour management.

Richard, Stephen and Shubham take the time to explain procedures and to ensure that their patient feels comfortable, particularly if that patient is suffering from a fear of the unknown. For a testimonial from a particularly anxious patient, read Rachel Greene’s comments.

Our dentists begin building a relationship with their patient at consultation stage which means that their patients trust them, understand them and know what their treatment involves. In many cases the initial consultation is the start of the solution, not simply so we understand your fear more but also so you get to know your dentist and relax more.

Some patients find it beneficial to register with a dentist who specialises in treating phobic patients. Here at Honesty, we will now be offering IV Sedation to nervous, anxious patients which puts you in a relaxed dream-like state and is a perfectly safe procedure.

Many of our patients say that once they have visited the practice for a consultation and met the whole team, much of their nervousness disappears! In the cases where anxiety is still felt, sedation is a good option to consider. we are delighted to be able to offer sedation as part of our commitment to dentistry for patients in Baildon, Shipley and across West Yorkshire.

If you would like more information regarding IV Sedation, please do not hesitate to contact the practice where one of our friendly team will be able to help you.