Adam Jowett Orthodontist

Meet Adam Jowett – Honesty’s Specialist Orthodontist

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Adam is the newest recruit to the Honesty team. As you’ll discover, he’s a prize-winning high-achiever with a spotless attendance record, and applies the same tenacious approach to his hobbies as he does to his day job.

Adam set his sights on a career in dentistry whilst still at school in his hometown of Leeds. As a teenager, he was already a big science fan, and in the 6th form, won the coveted biology prize. The decision to study dentistry made, he began a degree in Manchester. He graduated with Honours, one of only a handful in his year to do so. As well as this, he was awarded the prize for ‘Operative Dental Surgery’ in recognition of his practical, hands-on skills.

A career in dentistry requires much hard work and many years of study. Luckily, Adam proved a natural. In the next few years he undertook Dental Foundation Training at the London Deanery in South London (winning another prize – this time for best clinical case), followed by a spell at the Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford, developing his skills in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Working on a busy unit providing round the clock cover gave Adam experience in managing complex cases, helping patients who’d suffered trauma or damage to their face and jaw through accident, infection and cancer.

In 2014 home beckoned, and Adam returned to Yorkshire to train in Restorative Dentistry and Orthodontics at Leeds Dental Institute. Here, he met fellow dentist and his wife to be, Lily. On deciding to specialise in orthodontics, Adam was ranked first in National Recruitment (a great achievement) and so received his first choice of placement at Leeds Dental Institute. Here, Adam worked towards his speciality, treating both routine and complex orthodontic patients, and also as part of a wider multidisciplinary team providing the highest standard of complex restorative treatment. Whilst his training continued, Adam also completed an MSc in bonded retailers, and passed this with a Distinction.

Orthodontics is a popular and competitive specialty, and Adam’s career history and awards success reflects his skill and dedication. Orthodontic treatment focuses on the complex alignment of teeth and jaws, and is used to improve the appearance and function of crooked, protruding or crowded teeth. Adam describes it as the process of building the patient’s confidence in their smile. Treatment often involves fixed or removable braces (such as Invisalign), and the process focuses on the whole smile, with alignment, bleaching and composite bonding all tools in the orthodontic repertoire. Orthodontic treatment often results in some of the most rewarding dentistry outcomes.

Adam joined the Honesty team in the autumn of 2019 and also works at Leeds Dental Hospital and St Lukes Hospital. His appetite for knowledge remains undiminished – he’s currently studying part-time to become a consultant, which, when his goal is achieved, will see him reach the highest grade of orthodontics, treating the most complex cases..

Adam and wife Lily are expecting their first baby in a matter of days. The couple are currently living with Lily’s parents in Harrogate while their own house is renovated. In an interesting twist, you might wonder whether Adam was always destined to work at Honesty, as Lily’s dad is Steve Duffy, who was Honesty’s original orthodontist when the practice launched in 2011.

In his spare time, Adam enjoys music, fitness and skiing. It may come as no surprise that he’s as tenacious in his recreational goals as he is in his career. In 2019, Adam decided to do a triathlon, despite being unable to swim. He conquered his fear of the water with fast-track lessons and successfully completed an Olympic distance triathlon shortly after.

Adam has run several marathons, including the London Marathon (raising over £2300 for British Red Cross) and the Great Yorkshire Marathon (which he finished in under 4 hours). He’s also completed the Rat Race Coast to Coast Challenge across the Scottish Highlands. This 105 mile event including cycling, kayaking and running, and raised funds for the Changing Faces charity.

Adam also plays guitar, both electric and acoustic, and was in a band called Magic  Bus  covering rock hits from the 70s to 90s. He has two younger sisters, both of whom work in healthcare, one in Brisbane and the other close by in Leeds.

With baby Jowett due in early March, Adam plans to be a hands-on dad. He’ll be taking a few weeks paternity leave, when he’ll undertake studies in nappy changing and dummy-wrangling, with a special interest in burps.

If you’d like to meet with Adam to discuss improving your smile, contact Honesty Dental Care to book a consultation.